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March 2021

New Presentation Brochure 2021

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C&W Design + Build Presentation Brochure


2020 was a year without precedent.  It radically changed our way of living and working for the long term. The choice of Life took precedence over concerns about the economy. Who would ever have imagined that such a thing was possible?

Businesses, made up as they are of men and women, are currently asking themselves all sorts of questions about returning to the office – especially having experienced working from home, with its advantages and disadvantages and the habits it creates. The office will no longer be a single place, but a whole ecosystem, where hybridisation, innovation, collaboration, corporate culture and wellbeing at work will be among the determining elements. This means that companies will have to answer questions such as how many days a week will my labour force be coming into the office? On what terms? And for what reasons?

This is why Cushman & Wakefield, as specialists and leaders in work environments, are busy guiding and advising our current and future clients about adjusting their company policies and organisational models, while still retaining their business strategies.

Making sure they can attract and retain staff and new talents in an environment that is healthy, safe and comfortable. Readjusting to real life and imagining the office of tomorrow as a blend of actually going to the office and working from home, so that the economy can recover.

The post-Covid world will force us in future to focus more on human beings than we did in the past. And we will find the fundamental values of collaboration, creativity, social contact, corporate culture and a sense of belonging more pervasive than ever. Our expert teams in Change Management, the Workplace Environment and design & build will be on hand to guide you throughout your thought process, from defining your workplace strategy, to designing and creating your new office spaces – your new living spaces, in fact.

We hope you make many fine discoveries as you read this brochure.

Patrick Junius

New Head of C&W Design + Build

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Cushman & Wakefield, the leading global real estate services firm, has appointed Patrick Junius as new Head of C&W Design + Build.

Patrick Junius’ career prior to Cushman & Wakefield includes serving 17 years for Ahrend, a leading industry in Belgian workspaces’ creation and furniture.

Patrick Junius will be responsible for the operational and financial performance of C&W Design+Build business in Belgium and Luxembourg. The acquisition of former ADMOS back in 2017 added an in-house design & build capability to the firm’s existing range of services which include Agency, Asset Services, Capital Markets, Development, Occupier Services and Valuation & Advisory. C&W Design + Build is a true trend-setter in workplace strategy, new ways of working, well-being at the office… and the leader in design & build activities in Belgium and Luxembourg.

Patrick Junius’ succeeds Anthony Shaikh.

Patrick Junius

Koen Nevens, Country Head, comments: “I am delighted that Patrick Junius took this position as new head of C&W Design + Build. In his role and with his long experience, Patrick will reinforce synergies within our different departments, both internationally and locally, to reinforce our market leading position in Belgium and Luxembourg. Since the COVID-19 outbreak, we developed a full range of new services to create a safe and innovative workplace environment such as the “6 Feet office” concept. Thanks to the collaboration with our international teams and our experts in workplace strategy, C&W Design + Build will help companies to attract and retain talents in these unprecedented times.”

Patrick Junius, head of C&W Design + Build, said: “It’s an honour to take up this position with Cushman & Wakefield which is at the forefront of value-adding insight and advice. This has never been in greater demand from real estate occupiers and owners than in this current period of economic and social change. The COVID-19 outbreak will contribute to a profound reshaping of the office market and the workplace strategy. Having worked prior in the creation of vitalising workspaces, we will continue to put C&W Design + Build at the forefront of smart ways of working, developing safety and well-being at work, but also creating post-COVID 19 workspaces by introducing new spaces to foster collaboration and innovation.”