We design, shape and build

next generation workplaces adapted

to the way you want to work

Our Company Values

It's all about the people

People are the heart of every company. Today, your human capital is more than ever the wealth of your organisation. The way people work and where they work is changing, because the nature of their work is changing too. We help you adapt to these new patterns of behaviour. People, technology and where they meet at the workplace are what we want to focus on.

A Little Of Our Story

We are architects

C&W Design + Build is an exciting story, written by Anthony Shaikh and Christophe Erkens. As architects, we were born to sculpt and learned how to build. Finding the right balance between design and sustainability is what we do on a day-to-day basis. But there is one thing that sets us apart: as architects we don’t just listen to your needs; we know what to listen for. As architects, we don’t just tell you what to build; we show you how to build it.

Our Experience

Getting the job done,
the right way

C&W Design + Build brought together a multi-disciplinary project team to ensure that the changes to your work environment are smoothly and successfully implemented. It is a team that, through years of technical experience, can analyse your needs and propose the SMART solution. Adhering to that set of SMART values allows us to design, shape and build in every sector of industry.